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Diaper Rash Green icon of diaper representing diaper rash

Diaper rash, a prevalent dermatological concern in infants, has been the subject of various studies examining the efficacy of natural superfoods for mitigation and treatment. Coconut oil, rich in antimicrobial properties, shows promise in soothing and protecting inflamed skin (Verallo-Rowell et al., 2008, Dermatitis). Colloidal oatmeal has been evidenced for its moisture-retaining attributes that can benefit irritated skin (Reynertson et al., 2015, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology).

The active compounds in turmeric, notably curcumin, have demonstrated wound-healing potential, rendering it a viable alternative for topical treatment (Surjushe et al., 2008, Indian Journal of Dermatology). Concurrently, probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt have been studied for their potential role in promoting a balanced gut microbiome, which indirectly can ameliorate skin conditions (Di Nardo et al., 2018, Pediatric Dermatology). Collectively, these studies substantiate the applicability of various natural superfoods as complementary options for the management of diaper rash in infants.

Image of baby with diaper rash.